Goodbye (6-5-09)

It’s time to go our separate ways because of the mistakes that we have made,

The series of words we have exchanged are equal to the debts that we haven’t paid.

But I have a smile on my face…because I know it’s for the best,

And the times we’ve shared won’t go to waste, for they were truly blessed.

Sharing something so similar, so undefined and real,

Was worth the effort and the’ve taught me how to feel.

Keep in mind that lovely weaponry is sensitively offensive

And I will remember not to be too painfully defensive

Hatred and jealousy could be effects of a physiological cause named “Love”

But we will ditch those ill-natured effects and give thanks to UP ABOVE.

@Ke$ha. Thank you for changing my life. <3

Eyes Closed (2011)

I close my eyes.

But I don’t see your face anymore.

My mind is at peace.

Although I’m not sure what I’m looking for.

I fold my hands,

And pray to my God in Heaven.

When I roll the dice,

I get lucky number seven.

Then I listen for your voice,

But I’m happy not to hear it.

The darkness has disappeared,

And my world has become brightly lit.

I finally realize,

That I never really needed you

I’m better off on my own,

And I can do whatever I want to.

I will continue to search.

And then I will make up my mind

To somehow commit

To the love that I find.

(And, let me just say, I have found my true love! Quite a prediction, if I do say so myself.) 


Chapter 5: The Art of Seeing

Aspects of this (fourth truth of the Buddha):

Right View

Right Intention

Right Speech

Right Action

Right Livelihood 

Right Effort

Right Mindfulness

Right Meditation

Live & Learn?—or—Learn & Live?

It’s all about making a choice! A positive one.


Cast down your bucket wherever you are. Cast it down in agriculture, mechanics, in commerce, in domestic service, and in the professions. No race can prosper until it learns that there is as much dignity in tilling the field as in writing a poem. Finally when the buckets are let down, the thirsty ship will find that it was in a fresh water zone, good for drinking.
Booker T. Washington

These types of things excite my imagination. ;)

A wise man once said, the worst things in life come for free.

What that wise man forgot about was… DUN DUN DUN:


Some of the best things in life come for free, too.

I betcha any money that a woman said that.

;) -MS ‘13

Anyone With a Functioning Brain.

post script to previous video-post. 

read up, minions, READ UP.


The Group Unhidden

Have you ever heard of “the group anonymous”? 

Well.. Obviously I have and, personally, I am obsessed with and impressed by the type of work they are capable of. 

They are artists, actors, naturalists, realists, and really just unjustifiably (as well as genuinely) good at what they do.

They point out, dig out, notice, and recognize holes in the system and they patronize those holes whilst simultaneously playing the devil’s advocates"when really, who is to tell anyone what to do to or who to do it to (at this point in this societal, cultural, and omniscient realm that we call "life." 

My idea, along with many others, is to just THROW it out there that “HEY… maybe the internet needs to held off and fought through…” Who knows? 

Maybe they are just giving the “internet” a little taste of what human minds are capable of…? Or maybe they are giving the “internet” a taste its own medicine.

To me…they are really just modern day saints, and THEY. ARE. EVERYWHERE.

:) just open your eyes.

(Source: thegroupunhidden)

Q: What would I do without you?
A: I would search for you in every other living soul on the planet and find failure in not having solely you.

Q: What would I do without you?

A: I would search for you in every other living soul on the planet and find failure in not having solely you.



Isis: Goddess of motherhood, magic, and fertility.

Isis: Goddess of motherhood, magic, and fertility.

My lovely BSF. :)

My lovely BSF. :)

Saint Louis, Misery &lt;3

Saint Louis, Misery <3

This world is purgatory.